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No Title Presenter Date
25 Distal Puncture Beyond Dorsalis Pedis Artery Jae-Hyung Roh Apr. 27. 19
24 Skin Perfusion Pressure-guided Intervention Osami Kawarada Apr. 27. 19
23 Atherectomy for BTK Vessels: Current Status Lawrence A. Garcia Apr. 27. 19
22 Saving Lives in Critical Limb Ischemia: The CrossLock Device in CLI Patients Who Have Failed Interventional/Surgical Approaches Richard R. Heuser Apr. 27. 19
21 Heavy Calcific BTK Lesion: How to Cross with Wire and Balloon Fabrizio Fanelli Apr. 27. 19
20 Best Approach Using DCB, Atherectomy, DES or BVS in BTK Lawrence A. Garcia Apr. 21. 16
19 Novel Therapy in CLI as Stem Cells, Growth Factors, Are They Clinically Beneficial or Horizon Therapy? Krishna Rocha-Singh Apr. 21. 16
18 What Is the Best Angiographic Endpoint for Revascularization?(Angiosome or "Straight-Line" Flow) Osamu Iida Apr. 21. 16
17 Current and Upcoming Evidence-Based Approach in CLI: Endovascular vs. Surgery (OLIVE 3-Year and BEST-CLI Trial) Mark W. Burket Apr. 21. 16
16 CLI: Best Medical Therapy - Statin, Antiplatelet, Smoking and Guidelines-Based Management John Robert Laird, Jr. Apr. 21. 16
15 BTK CLI - Pedal Puncture: How in Depth? Jae-Hwan Lee Apr. 21. 16
14 Challenging in Below-Knee Intervention Nattawut Wongpraparut Apr. 21. 15
13 Strategic Treatment for the Below Knee Critical Limb Ischemia Nattawut Wongpraparut Apr. 21. 15
12 [TCTAP C-206] Percutaneous Trans-Catheter Coil Embolization for Large Pseudoaneurysm After the Peroneal Artery Puncture for Retrograde Approach to Below-the-Knee Occlusion Tatsuya Nakama Apr. 21. 15
11 Invited Case Presentation & Focus Review: Hybrid Approach for a Complex BTK Lesions: Retrograde Wiring via Cut-Down Dorsalis Pedis Artery Kazushi Urasawa Apr. 21. 15
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