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87 Antithrombotic Strategy in PCI and AF Patients: Updated Strategy Alan C. Yeung Nov. 27. 19
86 Antithrombotic Strategy in HBR Patients: Updated Strategy Joo-Yong Hahn Nov. 27. 19
85 Antithrombotic and Antiplatelet Choice in Complex PCI Duk-Woo Park Nov. 27. 19
84 [TCTAP A-093] Determinants of Self-Discontinuation of Secondary Prevention Medications by Coronary Heart Disease Outpatients: Focus on the Role of Erectile Dysfunction Muhamad Ali SK Abdul Kader Apr. 20. 15
83 [TCTAP A-001] Outcomes of 6 Months Versus 12 Months Dual Antiplatelet Therapy After Implantation of Biodegradable Polymer Biolimus or Durable Polymer Zotarolimus-Eluting Stents: OPTIMA-C Study and Optical Coherence Tomography Sub-Study Byoung Kwon Lee Apr. 20. 15
82 The Role of Triple Antiplatelet Therapy in Patients with High Risk Young-Hoon Jeong Jul. 22. 09
81 Tailoring Treatment to Risk in Antiplatelet Therapy Alexandra J. Lansky Jul. 22. 09
80 What Is the Optimal Duration of DAPT Following DES Treatment? David E. Kandzari Jul. 22. 09
79 Anti-Platelet Therapies in Cardiovascular Disease: From Stable CAD to ACS and Afib Roxana Mehran Jul. 22. 09
78 Strategic Approaches to Obtain Better and Earlier CV Outcome Weon Kim Jul. 22. 09
77 Does the Efficacy of Bivalirudin During PCI Depend on Clopidogrel Pretreatment? Matthew Price Jul. 22. 09
76 STEMI and NSTEMI Pharmacology Confusion: How to Choose and Use Antithrombins (Unfractionated and Low Molecular Weight Heparins, Bivalirudin, Fondaparinux) and Antiplatelet Agents (Aspirin, Clopidogrel, and Prasugrel) Gregg W. Stone Jul. 22. 09
75 Systemic Therapy for Plaque Stabilization: New Drugs Targeting LP-PLA2 Patrick W. Serruys Jul. 22. 09
74 New Paradigms in Treatment of ACS/AMI Roxana Mehran Jul. 22. 09
73 The Role of Triple Antiplatelet Therapy in Patients with High Risk Young-Hoon Jeong May. 13. 09
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