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Name Etsuo Tsuchikane
Country Japan
Job Interventional Cardiologist

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  1. Successful PCI for CTO Lesion with "Parallel Wire Technique"
  2. New CTO Recanalization Method "Anchor-Balloon Technique" in Patients with Heavily Calcified CTO Lesion
  3. A Case with Successful Angioplasty of RCA CTO Lesion Using Reverse-CART Technique with Retrograde Wire Externalization
  4. A Case of Chronic CTO of RCA: Anterograde Approach
  5. Chronic CTO of Mid-LAD Intervention in Separate Ostium in Left Coronary System
  6. Retrograde approach Reverse CART technique for RCA CTO lesion using epicardial collateral
  7. Antegrade approach using Parallel wire technique for RCA CTO lesion
  8. Retrograde approach Reverse CART technique for Very long, RCA CTO lesion
  9. Retrograde approach "Reverse CART technique" via epicardial collateral channel from LCX
  10. Antegrade approach a In-Stent Restenosis CTO lesion of LAD
  11. Looks easy, but failed antegrade approach, finally retrograde approach was successful
  12. Retrograde approach "Reverse CART technique" in mLAD CTO lesion
  13. Retrograde approach "Reverse CART technique" in pLAD CTO blesion
  14. Antegrade Approach for mRCA CTO lesion
  15. Antegrade approach for total occlusion of LAD stent
  16. Retrograde Approach for ISR Total Occlusion at pLAD
  17. Antegrade approach for mLAD CTO
  18. Antegrade Approach for Proximal LAD CTO Lesion
  19. Retrograde Approach Using "Reverse CART technique" for Proximal RCA CTO lesion
  20. Retrograde Approach for Distal RCA CTO Lesion through the Thread-like Septal Branch
  21. Antegrade Approach for Proximal LAD CTO Lesion
  22. Retrograde Approach Using "Reverse CART Technique" for Diffuse RCA CTO Lesion
  23. Retrograde approach "Reverse CART technique", mRCA CTO lesion
  24. Treatment of Proximal RCA CTO Lesion Using Retrograde Approach "Reverse CART Technique"
  25. [April 30] CTO LIVE_Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea: Case #1

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  1. Debulking of Chronic Total Occlusions with Rotational or Directional Atherectomy before Stenting Trial: A Multicenter Randomized Study (DOCTORS)
  2. The Role of Atherectomy Devices in the Real DES Era
  3. PERFECT Registry: Japanese DCA-Cypher Registry
  4. Chronic Coronary Total Occlusion
  5. Most Advanced Strategy for Coronary CTO
  6. Antegrade Journey with Expanded New Device ?
  7. Intercoronary Collateral: How to Pick up and How to Use Fielder FC or Slon Blue
  8. Best Navigation of Retrograde Journey
  9. Best Approach for CTO-PCI According to CTO Anatomy
  10. Essence of CTO-PCI from Master\'s View
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  12. RCA-CTO Involving Distal Bifurcation
  13. Antegrade or Retrograde Approach: Different Outcomes or Not
  14. The Nuts and Bolts of Reverse Controlled Antegrade and Retrograde Subintimal Tracking (XCART)
  15. APCTO Club: History and Perspective
  16. Initial Experience of "Plasma Wire" for Coronary CTOs: Results of First in Human Study
  17. Case 3: Case from CCT 2015
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