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Name Thierry Lefevre
Country France
Job Interventional Cardiologist

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  1. Mid LAD in-Stent Restenosis Bifurcation Disease
  2. IIn-Stent Restenosis in Ostial to Mid RCA Treated with a Cypher Stent
  3. Left Main and mid LAD Trifurcation Lesion Treated by Simple Cross-Over Stenting

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  1. Jupiter I Beta and Jupiter II Meta-Analysis
  2. DES in Left Main Disease
  3. Consensus and Questions to Be Resolved in Bifurcation Lesions
  4. DES Safety in Bifurcation Lesions
  5. Bifurcations and Left Main with TAXUS
  6. Mid-Term Results of the French Multicenter Taxus Study
  7. Thrombectomy in AMI
  8. Percutaneous Aortic Valve Replacement-Core Valve and Cribier-Edwards Valve Update
  9. Studies Investigating Optimal Bifurcation Stenting Strategy with DES
  10. Thrombectomy in AMI: Still Controversial?
  11. CTO: Can We Implement Japanese Techniques in Europe?
  12. European Consensus for Bifurcation PCI
  13. Edwards Transcatheter AVR: Have the Outcomes Changed After CE Approval? Update from the PARTNER EU and SOURCE Registries
  14. Long-Term Outcomes of Left Main French Taxus Registry
  15. Provisional Use of Side Branch Stenting for All Bifurcations
  16. Insights into the Sirolimus-eluting DES with Bioabsorbable Polymer
  17. Single-stent for All Bifurcations
  18. Updates of New TAVI Indications: Valve-in-valve, Bicuspid, Combined CAD...
  19. Invited Case Presentation & Focus Review: Bifurcation Intervention
  20. Bifurcation Stenting with Metallic Stent: Practical 2016 Recommendation for Techniques and Stents
  21. Balloon-Expandable SAPEIN 3 Valve
  22. S3 in Challenging Anatomy, Implication in the Clinical Outcome
  23. Invited Case Presentation & Focus Review: How to Deal with a Very Complex Left Main Bifurcation Case
  24. Updated Recommendation for Bifurcation PCI: Many Bifurcation Club from EBC, ABC, KBC, and More?
  25. Complex(Two) Bifurcation PCI Techniques; Step-by-Step Lessons from Expert
  26. Two-Stent Techniques for Bifurcation; Practical Sum-up
  27. [Invited Case Presentation & Focus Review] A Complex Left Main Bifurcation
  28. TAVI: How Minimalistic Can We Become?
  29. TAVI: How Minimalistic Can We Become?
  30. Updated RCT for Bifurcation PCI: DK-CRUSH V, EBC-MAIN, and More
  31. Distal LM Bifurcation PCI: Bifurcation PCI Pioneer\'s Advisor
  32. Non-LM Bifurcation: Keep It Open!
  33. The MITRA-FR Trial: Why the Trial Fails?
  34. Yes - We Can Define It Well and Apply It in Real PCI.
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