Name David E. Kandzari
Country United States
Job Interventional Cardiologist

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  1. ENDEAVOR-III: 1 Year Results
  2. Chronic Total Occlusions: Evidence Based Rationale for Recanalization and DES
  3. Chronic Total Occlusions
  4. Future Technologies from Cordis
  5. Comparative Trials of DES Safety and Efficacy Role of DES in Chronic Total Occlusions: Results of The ACROSS Trial Evaluating SES in Chronic Total Occlusions
  6. Safety of DES in Diabetics
  7. Overview of the Sirolimus Eluting Stent Program: A Spectrum of Safety and Efficacy Among Differing DES
  8. What Is the Optimal Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Following DES Treatment?
  9. Rationale for Chronic Total Occlusion Revsacularization
  10. Critical Review of Interventional Options for the SFA: Current Devices and Future Directions
  11. Outcomes of Zotarolimus Eluting Stent in Diabetics: Results from the E-FIVE Registry
  12. What Is the Optimal Duration of DAPT Following DES Treatment?
  13. Safety Issue in DES Era
  14. Prasugrel: TRITON - Evolution Begins Here !!
  15. Major Trials for Catheter-Based Coronary Interventions (SPIRIT IV, COMPARE, ZEST, ISAR-TEST4, ISAR-DESIRE 2, NORDIC-BALTIC BIFURCATION STUDY III, and PEPCAD III)
  16. SES Revisited: The ˇ°Unexpectedˇ± Results and Clinical Implications from BASKET-PROVE, SORT-OUT IV, and ISAR-TEST 4
  17. What\'s the Final Goal of Transcatheter Renal Denervation?
  18. Catheter-based Renal Denervation for Hypertension and Other Area of Future Research
  19. Application of Renal Denervation to Treatment of Chronic Heart Failure
  20. Symplicity HTN 3: Where Are We Going to?
  21. EXCEL Trial Update
  22. Renal Denervation: Key Results from Symplicity HTN3
  23. Mechanisms and Clinical Evidence for Expanded Indications (HF, DM, Arrythmia, or Sleep Apnea Improvement)
  24. From DES to BVS: Which Techniques and Which Stents?
  25. Bioabsorbable Polymer DES in High Risk Patients
  26. Updated RCT for Left Main: EXCEL & NOBLE - Long-Term, Subgroup, and New Data
  27. Future DES Platforms: New Drugs, Polymers, and Metals
  28. CHIP/Complex PCI in 2018: Practical, Operational, and Logistical Aspects
  29. Ultrathin Strut Bioresorbable Polymer DES : New Benchmark in the Field of DES
  30. Data and Application of Ultra-Thin Strut DES: Is It Also Working for Complex Lesions?
  31. Results and Update from the SPYRAL Hypertension Program(OFF-MED and ON-MED Trials)
  32. Renal Denervation: Latest Clinical Evidence and Update