Name Roxana Mehran
Country United States
Job Interventional Cardiologist

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  1. Countdown to COMBAT
  2. Radiocontrast Nephropathy: Still the Achilles' Heel of Interventional Cardiology
  3. Revised Protocol of COMBAT(Randomized COMparison of Bypass Surgery versus AngioplasTy using Sirolimus-Eluting Stent in Patients with Left Main Coronary Artery Disease)
  4. A Prospective "All Comers" CYPHER Nonrandomized Registry in Complex Patients From MATRIX
  5. Complications Related to the Use of Radiocontrast Agents
  6. The Interventional Trials of the Year: 2006-2007 (TCT, AHA, and ACC)
  7. Renal Failure and Contrast Nephropathy: An Overview and Considerations in the PCI Patient
  8. ACUITY: One Year Outcome of ACUITY Trial
  9. The CoStar Clinical Data
  10. The Interventional Trials of the Year: 2007-2008 (TCT, AHA, and ACC)
  11. HORIZONS AMI: Bivalirudin vs. Unfractionated Heparin plus GPIIb/IIIa Inhibitors in STEMI
  12. In-Stent Restenosis
  13. TRITON - TIMI 38: The Future Role of Prasugrel (and Other New Anti-Platelet Agents) in PCI
  14. The Impact of Hemorrhagic Complications on PCI Outcomes: Lessons from ACUITY, HORIZONS and Other Trials
  15. Impact of Ischemic vs. Bleeding Endpoints: Lessons from ACUITY and HORIZONS
  16. ACS/AMI: What¡¯s Hot, What¡¯s Not!
  17. Quality Control of Clinical Trials: Blinding, Clinical Event Committees, Core Labs, and Data Standards
  18. New Paradigms in Treatment of ACS/AMI
  19. Anti-Platelet Therapies in Cardiovascular Disease: From Stable CAD to ACS and Afib
  20. The Role of New Anti-platelet Agents: Will Prasugrel and Ticagrelor Change the DES Landscape?
  21. Parenteral Anticoagulants Use in ACS (HORIZONS-AMI, and SEPIA-ACS Trial)
  22. PCI in Chronic Kidney Disease (RECOVER, CARE, LOCM-Related Studies, and Meta-Analysis)
  23. Types of Clinical Trials in Cardiology: The Rationale for Trial Design
  24. Behind Closed Doors: Functions of a Data Safety Monitoring Board
  25. The NEW Anti-platelet Agents and Platelet Reactivity Testing: Recommendations for Prasugrel and Ticagrelor and Lessons from GRAVATAS
  26. Bleeding & Mortality: Beyond the Horizon
  27. Impact of Bleeding and Tailored or Personalized Antiplatlet Therapy to Reduce Bleeding in ACS or PCI Patients: From Clopidogrel to Prasugrel and Ticagrelor
  28. Update on Left Main/Multivessel PCI: Lessons from SYNTAX, a View to EXCEL
  29. Surveying the Landscape of New Anti-platelet Agents: A Practical User¡¯s Guide
  30. [Bivalirudin: Is It Standard of Care in the Cath Lab?] No, Heparin with Provisional GPI Is Still a Viable Option.
  31. The Next Era: COMBO Dual Therapy Stent
  32. No Benefits, Possible Harms - The ACCOAST Trial
  33. Interventional Pharmacology - Year in Review 
  34. Does True Vessel Healing Matter?
  35. Will Long Term Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Improve LT Outcome?
  36. Optimal DAPT Duration for Current and Future DES and BVS
  37. Revisiting Anticoagulants: Why Dual Pathway Inhibition Is Not Back?
  38. Vulnerable Plaque Is a Systemic Disease: Insights from BioImage
  39. The DAPT Duration Debate - Practical Synthesis and Clinical Recommendations
  40. Upcoming Trend in ACS Patient Management
  41. The DAPT Debate - 2016
  42. EPC Capture Stent : A Promising Solution Amongst the DAPT Controversy?
  43. Pretreatment with P2Y12 Inhibitors in NSTE-ACS: Selective vs. Routine?
  44. Optimal Initiation and Duration of DAPT in ACS Patient; Reviewing the Evidence of Ticagrelor
  45. Optimal Balancing Ischemic and Bleeding Risks in Contemporary PCI Practice: TWILIGHT, GLOBAL-LEADER and More...
  46. HARMONEE: A Randomized Trial of a Bioabsorbable Polymer-based DES with a Luminal CD34+ Antibody Coating Versus a Durable Polymer-based DES in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
  47. Aspirin Plus NOAC Will Be the Standard of Care.
  48. Interventional Pharmacology Year-In-Review