Name Gary S. Mintz
Country United States
Job Interventional Cardiologist

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  1. Updates from-SIRIUS: Lessons from the Subgroup Analyses
  2. Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging and Physiologic Lesion Assessment in a Drug-Eluting Stent World
  3. The Multisite Nature of Vulnerable Plaque: Insights from Clinical, Angiographic, and IVUS Studies
  4. The Whole Truth on Incomplete Apposition with DES: Observations from Studies with Silolimus, Paclitaxel and Beyond
  5. Updates from... the FIM Experience: Are the Results Durable?(in Coronary De Nove and ISR)
  6. The "Appropriate" Use of IVUS During DES Procedures
  7. Virtual Histology - A Technical and Clinical Update
  8. Virtual Histology- A Technical & Clinical Update
  9. A Futuristic Vision of Next Generation Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging Systems
  10. What Can 2D IVUS Teach Us About Vulnerable Plaque?
  11. IVUS, Virtual Histology, Other Ultrasound Based Imaging Diagnostics
  12. Fundamental and Technique: IVUS
  13. IVUS and PCI: Pre-Intervention Lesion Assessment
  14. Virtual Histology
  15. Invasive Coronary Imaging Modalities for Vulnerable Plaque Detection
  16. IVUS Findings in DES Thrombosis
  17. IVUS Findings in DES Restenosis
  18. Can Routine IVUS Assessment (and RF Plaque Characterization) Reduce Stent Thrombosis and Restenosis?
  19. Perspectives in Vulnerable Plaque Imaging
  20. Virtual Histology: Multimodality Imaging of the Coronary Tree in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes: Baseline PROSPECT Results
  21. VH and OCT Clinical Experience and Future Perspective
  22. Pre-Intervention Assessment and Optimizing Final Result
  23. Current Status and Future Perspectives
  24. Perspectives in Vulnerable Plaque Imaging
  25. IVUS-Guided PCI
  26. Virtual Histology: Clinical Update
  27. How New Intravascular Imaging Techniques (VH-IVUS, OCT, IR Spectroscopy, and Others) will Change Clinical Practice in the Future
  28. Fully Integrated Invasive Imaging Solutions: Online Networking of Angiography, IVUS, FFR, OCT, ICE, VP Imaging, Etc
  29. Imaging Overview for Vulnerable Plaque: Data from IVUS Trial and an Introcution to Virtual Histology
  30. In Search of Vulnerable Plaque: Summary of Current Issues
  31. Perspectives on the Evolution of IVUS into a Clinical Tool
  32. Virtual Histology: Current Status and Future Perspectives
  33. Pre-Intervention Assessment and Optimizing Final Result
  34. Integrating IVUS, FFR, and Non-Invasive Imaging to Optimize PCI Outcomes
  35. IVUS Assessment for the Mechanism of In-Stent Restenosis
  36. IVUS Insights for the Treatment of Bifurcation and Left Main Lesions
  37. How is IVUS Helpful to Treat the LM Lesions? IVUS, FFR, Thallium Scan
  38. IVUS Guidance of CTO Recanalization Procedures
  39. High-Risk Plaques Evaluated by Multi-Modal Images: Attenuated Plaques, Calcific Nodules, and Beyond
  40. Natural History Study of Vulnerable Plaque: Lessons from Prospect
  41. How to Utilize Virtual Histology in Clinical Practice by Understanding Plaque Compositions
  42. Virtual Histology: Basics, Practice and Pitfalls
  43. Core Lab Analysis
  44. Assessment of DES Restenosis: New IVUS Insights for the Mechanisms
  45. Is OCT Ready for ¡°Prime Time¡±: What¡¯s Known and What We Need to Know for Clinical Applications
  46. Assessment of DES Failure Using IVUS
  47. Advantage of 2nd Generation OCT; OCT Is Useful to Assess Complex Coronary Lesions
  48. Role of IVUS and OCT in Diagnosis and Treatment for Stent Thrombosis
  49. The Reality of Vulnerable Plaque Detection and Clinical Implication
  50. When to Use IVUS, OCT and VH?
  51. IVUS and IVUS/VH in Acute Coronary Syndromes: How to Interpret and Apply PROSPECT to Clinical Care
  52. 2012 IVUS Insights into Plaque Vulnerability and Identification: From VH-IVUS to OCT to NIRS
  53. TVC Imaging Using the Combined IVUS/NIRS Catheter
  54. The Exploding World of Intravascular Imaging: Rational Assimilation into Today\'s Cath Lab Environment
  55. New Advances in Coronary Imaing for Plaque Regression or Stability: IVUS, OCT, and Others
  56. Current IVUS Guidelines and Clinical Results
  57. Update 2013: IVUS-guided Optimization of PCI
  58. Invasive Imaging (IVUS, VH-IVUS and OCT): How I Implement to My Practice?
  59. Integrated Use of IVUS and FFR for LM Stenting
  60. Invited Case Presentation & Focus Review: Image-guided Intervention
  61. Vulnerable Plaque by IVUS or VH-IVUS
  62. IVUS or High Resolution IVUS and VH-IVUS
  63. When to Use IVUS and OCT?
  64. IVUS: Preintervention
  65. NIRS: Fundamental and Clinical Application
  66. Summary: Next Generation Invasive Imaging - Where We Are Going?
  67. How New Intravascular Imaging Techniques Will Change Clinical Practice?
  68. Next-generation Invasive Imaging: 3D-OCT, HR IVUS and NIRS - Where Are We Going?
  69. For DES: Time-honored Treatment, The Older One Is Better!
  70. High Resolution IVUS: What's New and What's Different?
  71. Lessons from Current Imaging Trials (PROSPECT, VERDICT, PROSPECT II, etc.)
  72. Put It All Together! When and How to Use the Imaging Modalities in Our Practice?
  73. IVUS Optimization of PCI and Future Directions: A 25-Year Perspective
  74. Vulnerable Plaque Imaging: Learn from PROSPECT, ATHEROREMO and VIVA
  75. The Unique Advantages of High Definition IVUS
  76. IVUS: Pre- and Post-Intervention
  77. Put It Altogether: What and Why Do We Need More?
  78. Multimodality Imaging Tools for Complex PCI: IVUS, OCT, VH, NIRS: Which in What Situations
  79. When to Use IVUS vs. OCT - Complementary vs. Competitive?
  80. Imaging Criteria for DES Optimization
  81. IVUS-Guided PCI: Meta-Analysis, Patient Selection, Essential Technique
  82. Intravascular Imaging of Coronary Calcification and Its Clinical Implications
  83. [Guiding Coronary Intervention] Imaging Guidance for Treatment of In-stent Restenosis
  84. Imaging DIY: Imaging-Trained Operator Can Make a Good Clinical Outcome.