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Percutaneous EndoVascular Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm using AneuRx AAAdvantage Stent Graft System
- Operators: William A. Gray, MD, Tae Won Kwon, MD, Hyang Kyoung Kim, MD
Clinical Information

- Relevant clinical history and physical exam:
A 61-year old man was admitted to increasing size of abdominal aortic aneurysm. He had no specific coronary risk factors.

- Relevant test results prior to catheterization:
A CT scan showed 57 mm sized, fusiform shaped AAA with mural thrombi from 5.7cm above aortic bifurcation to both common iliac arteries. (Figure 1)

Interventional Management

- Procedural step:
Both femoral arteries were punctured with 7 Fr sheath. Using 2 Perclose Proglide 6 Fr at both side respectively, we changed 8 Fr sheath. With pigtail catheter, aortography was done. After 0.035 inch stiff wire insertion,. AneuRx AAAdvantage BFXC 26X15X135 was deployed via Lt. femoral approach. (Figure 2) AneuRx AAAdvantage BFXC 16X20X135 (iliac limb flared long stent) was also implanted into Rt. CIA. (Figure 3) AneuRx AAAdvantage BFXC 16X20X115 (iliac limb flared medium stent) was implanted into Lt. CIA. (Figure 4) High pressure balloon dilatation was done with Reliant balloon (12 Fr, 46 mm sized). (Figure 5) Final angiogram showed successful exclusion of AAA. Using Perclose device, Both femoral site hemostaisis were successfully achieved.

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