- Presenter : Seung-Jung Park


  • Yoshihiro Noji 2016-07-30 Thank you for the fantastic lecture, I would like to ask you is there any promising proposed mechanisms for the course of "BVS can make plaque stabilization and lumen enlargement"? After your prezentation and the session at TCTAP 2016 I asked that question to chair person but no clear answer " There is no clear answer, nobody knows.". Please let me know, If possible. Link to vascular or atherosclerosis inflammation control? Yoshihiro Noji, MD, PhD. Fukui Prefectural Hospital. Fukui, Japan.
  • Se Hun Kang 2016-08-01 Thank you for your comment. In ABSORB trials, BVS was associated with comparable clinical outcomes to the EES (everolimus eluting stent) and imaging study showed that BVS could make plaque stabilization and late lumen enlargement. In late stage, DES interferes with vasoregulation and chronic adaptive vascular responses, which may result in chronic inflammation, neoatherosclerosis, or device fracture. But, BVS showed improved long term results which was associated with restoration of cyclic pulsatility, vasomotion, and late lumen gain with plaque regression.

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