Michael S. Lee, MD

Country USA
Specialty Interventional Cardiologist
  1. Over the Troubled Vessel: How to Deliver Stent in Calcified or Tortuous Lesions
  2. Orbital Atherectomy in FP Lesions: Advantages and Limitations
  3. Choice and Duration of Antithrombotics After CTO-PCI: Does It Matter?
  4. When and Why OAS Works Better for Calcified Lesions ?
  5. [Taped Live Cases for Complex PCI in Complex Situations] Taped Live #12 with Interactive Discussion - MCS-Supported Complex PCI
  6. [Taped Live Cases for Calcified Lesion] Taped Live #8 with Interactive Discussion - Atherectomy
  7. Coronary Physiology and Hemodynamic Support During Complex PCI
  8. Weapons for Crushing the Rock: Atherectomy Devices
  9. Emerging and Novel Atherectomy Tools: Updates and Clinical Trials
  10. High Risk PCI: Mechanical Support Device Options
  11. Mechanical Support Device Options CHIP Cases
  12. Novel Treatment Strategies for Severely Calcified Coronary Arteries
  13. [Featured Lecture] PCI for Severe Calcification: Novel Device and Strategies in US Fashion - Flash Updates
  14. PCI in Patients with Cardiogenic Shock: Support Save Life
  15. Update of Atherectomy Device and Technique for Severe Calcified Lesion
  16. Mechanical Support Devices in High-risk and/or Complex PCI: What and How?
  17. Drug Technology: How to Apply to Long Calcific Lesions
  18. Left Main PCI in Acute MI
  19. For: Complete PCI, The PRAMI & CvLPRIT Trials Clearly Support!
  20. When PCI Is the Preferred Revascularization Strategy for LM Disease
  21. LM Stenting Basics: Best Projection, Guiding Catheter, Angiography Interpretation
  22. Case Presentation: Left Main AMI with Shock
  23. Left Main PCI in Acute Myocardial Infarction
  24. Good, Bad and Ugly in Primary PCI for LM STEMI
  25. Invited Case Presentation & Focus Review: Left Main Intervention
  26. Emergent PCI During Prolonged CPR
  27. PCI in Patients with Transplant Coronary Artery Disease