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[VOD] 8th Virtual ACT Program with Hong Kong Professionals

July 16 (Fri), 2021 | 2 PM - 5 PM

****Session A: All about Bifurcation PCI****
Moderator(s): William Chi Kin Chan, Duk-Woo Park, Seung-Jung Park
Panelist(s): Jung-Min Ahn, Tak-Shun Chung, Raymond Chi Yan Fung, Kwok Hing Yiu

- What Really Matters in Bifurcation PCI: Concept or Technique? (Seung-Jung Park)
- Recorded Live Case: Complex LM Bifurcation PCI (Duk-Woo Park)
- Physiology-Guided Decision-Making for Bifurcation PCI: Diverse Scenario (Jung-Min Ahn)
- EBC-MAIN Late-Breaking Trial Analysis: What Are Novel Findings? (Tak-Shun Chung)
- From Planning to Stenting for a Challenging LM Bifurcation (Raymond Chi Yan Fung)

****Session B: CHIP & HBR (High Bleeding Risk Patients)****
Moderator(s): Jung-Min Ahn, Kwok Hing Yiu
Panelist(s): Alan Chan, Kevin Chi Pan Chan, Do-Yoon Kang, Pil Hyung Lee, Frankie Tam, Anthony Yiu Tung Wong

- Antiplatelet Strategies in Post-PCI HBR Patients: Evidence from Trials and Reality (Pil Hyung Lee)
- When STEMI Meets HBR (Frankie Tam)
- Complex PCI Treatment Strategy for Patient with High Bleeding Risk (Anthony Yiu Tung Wong)
- Guide Extension Catheters: Strong Support from Mother-Child Relationship (Do-Yoon Kang)
- Complex Case with Telescope (Kevin Chi Pan Chan)
- CTO with Telescope (Alan Chan)

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