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¡®CABG helps people live longer¡¯

Cardiac surgeon S. Christopher Malaisrie, MD says CABG improves survival for MVD and LMCAD, despite recent guideline downgrades

Is CABG the best approach for multivessel, left main CAD?

Mario F.L. Gaudino, MD says PCI and CABG are complementary - not antagonistic – strategies for patients with MVD, LMCAD

¡®Modern trials on SIHD revascularization show no mortality benefit with CABG over medical therapy¡¯

Sripal Bangalore, MD explains 2021 American revasc guidelines sift out old mortality data, throw weight behind contemporary ones

Tailored de-escalation strategy in PCI and ACS: platelet function test and genetic test guidance

At TCTAP 2022, Dominick J. Angiolillo, MD outlines de-escalation strategies with PFT, genetic tests for PCI-ACS

Can PCI save lives in severe LV dysfunction?

Divaka Perera, MD says REVIVED-BCIS2 to shed light on revascularization decisions for acute and chronic LV dysfunction

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