Video | TCTAP 2022

Malaysia LIVE @ TCTAP2022

April 29, 2022 / 11:15 AM ~ 12:43 PM 📌 Channel 3

Co-organized by Malaysia LIVE

Moderator(s): Al Fazir Bin Omar
Panelist(s): Doni Firman, Kwan S. Lee, Soo-Teik Lim, Wan Azman Wan Ahmad

- Opening Remark
- One of My Most Memorable Teaching CTO Cases [Rosli Mohd Ali]
- Discussion
- Twice Broken Considered Sold [Ganapathi Palaniappan]
- Discussion
- A Novel Wire Coiling Therapy in the Treatment of Pseudoaneurysm Following Vascular Access: The Malaya Technique [Muhammad Dzafir Ismail]
- Discussion
- An Undesirable Fracture [Heng Shee Kim]
- Discussion
- One of My Most Memorable Teaching Complex Case [Asri Ranga]
- Discussion
- Summary and Closing

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