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[VOD] 7th Virtual ACT Program - OCT (Korean Session)

June 16 (Fri), 2021 | 1 PM - 3:10 PM

Moderator(s): Myeong-Ki Hong, Duk-Woo Park, Seung-Jung Park
Panelist(s): Soon Jun Hong, Sung-Jin Hong, Seung-Ho Hur, Byung-Hee Hwang, Do-Yoon Kang, Sang-Wook Kim, Yongcheol Kim, Cheol Hyun Lee, Jun-Hyok Oh, Hyuck Jun Yoon

I. Recorded Case and Featured Lectures
- Why Do We Need Intravascular Imaging for PCI Guidance? (Seung-Jung Park)
- Recorded Case: OCT-guided Complex PCI (Duk-Woo Park)
- How to Minimize Future Risk Care After PCI - Stent Optimization with Intravascular Imaging (Myeong-Ki Hong)
- How to Obtain & Interpret Best OCT Image? Basic, Artifacts, and Interpretation (Yongcheol Kim)
- Introducing MLD Max Algorithm for Successful PCI (Hyuck Jun Yoon)
- OCT Versus IVUS for Guiding PCI, Which is Better? (Do-Yoon Kang)

II. Case-based Learning with Interactive Discussion: How to Treat Complex Lesions with OCT?
- 1. Heavy Calcifications (Byung-Hee Hwang)
- 2. Bifurcation Stenting (Sung-Jin Hong)
- 3. In-stent Restenosis (Cheol Hyun Lee)

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